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the safe keysafe


Puck feels that a key safe must provide peace of mind to the people who own one but should not create any unsafe situations.

Key safes have become a part of our daily routine. Sometimes, because we just find them useful, for example if we don’t want to send the children out with keys in their pockets or if we want to provide guests with access when we are not at home.

Other times a key safe is used out of necessity because the person is dependent on care and he or she is responsible for providing access to the care providers while that person is no longer mobile.

Previously, people would be offered unsafe, uncertified safes that could be forced open within a couple of seconds.

Puck has developed a secure key safe that is the first SKG approved code lock. This gives you all the benefits of a key safe but with the security to which you are entitled.

  • Patented-code-disappearing-technology
  • 10.000 codecombinaties
  • For everyone and everywhere
  • German design
  • Too smart for burglars
  • Too strong for burglars
  • SKG** certified


- The code disappears automatically upon opening, ensuring it can't be read unintentionally
- This means you will never forget to lock the safe

10.000 codecombinaties

- 10,000 unique code combinations guarantee high level security
- Setting a new code is simple and quick

For everyone and everywhere

- Puck is standalone and can be purchased anywhere by everybody
- Puck can be applied in all residential situations
- Puck is not dependent on control systems or key plans

German design

- Stylish and sturdy, made exclusively from high-grade materials
- Advanced German engineering

Too smart for burglars

- The greater the force applied to Puck, the more difficult it is to open. The mechanism locks when great force is applied, ensuring the lock can no longer be opened.

Too strong for burglars

- Puck is the only mechanical code key safe that is SKG-certified. As such, it can be safely placed under the Police Marque Secured Housing (PKVW)
- Reinforced steel cover gives burglars no chance at all
- Heavy duty wall anchors to safely secure it to walls

SKG** certified

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