puck for the family

Puck for the family

The alternative and safe option for the key under the doormat.

We all know this from the past, a key under a flower pot or the doormat for when the kids are faced with a closed door when they come home. Ideal really, but the days are gone when it was safe to leave your key there.

Would you prefer not to give your kids a key in case they might lose it? Yet you want them to always be able to get in the house even when no one is at home. Well, the key safe is the perfect solution. A key that is always on hand and just a code needed to open the safe means parents can rest easy when they are away from home.

Most key safes on the market now are not certified and can be forced open within seconds by burglars. The Puck key safe is the only digit code key safe that is SKG** certified. This means that Puck is burglar resistant and can withstand violent force for at least 3 minutes. In practice, it actually takes longer than 3 minutes to force open a Puck. A burglar will decide to look elsewhere when faced with a Puck.

Would you always like to have the option of having a spare key on hand so that you can safely ensure your children or guests have access to your house?