solution for the resident and the care provider.


Would you like your care providers to have hassle free access to your residence?

Are you looking for a secure solution to grant care providers access to your residence? Or do you, as carer, monitor a family member who needs a secure access option?

Key safes are the easiest products to facilitate access to third parties because they can be readily purchased by everyone and are simple to mount. However, most key safes on the market are currently not approved and can be forced open by burglars within seconds. About 800 burglaries are committed annually in this way in the Netherlands.

Puck is the only SKG** approved digit code key safe and has been admitted under the Police Marque Secured Housing (PKVW). SKG** means that Puck can withstand a forced opening of at least 3 minutes. Three minutes is not that long I hear you say, but this length is a huge deterrent for burglars. Moreover, Puck can withstand the attempt even after 3 minutes!

Whether you or your loved ones receive daily care or where you want to arrange that someone can always access your home as a precaution just in case: Puck is a secure solution.


Why is Puck Key safe ideal for your organisation?

Accessing care homes has been a headache for home care organisations and institutions for years.

The responsibility for providing access has been placed with the patients by the legislator but as an organisation you have an interest in the systems that are aligned with each other and which fit within the processes of the daily practice.

Furthermore, as an organisation you have a moral responsibility for the safety of your clients but patients have to be able to bear the costs themselves.

When looking at the various solutions on the market for arranging access to care homes, key safes are the least intrusive:

  •  They can always and seamlessly be integrated into daily practice
  •  No need for complex organisation or procedures
  •  Central control or software systems are not needed
  •  Employees do not need smartphones to use key safes
  •  Training is also not necessary to use key safes.

Puck is the safest and most selected mechanical key safe and offers an accessible and affordable solution for both care providers as well as residents.

As such, Puck is suitable for both planned care that sees several employees in services visit a patient as well as for unplanned care in combination with personal alarm for example.

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out how Puck can be integrated into your organisation.