How do my
tenants get
the key?

Puck for housing rental

Whether you rent (holiday) houses at a professional level or every now and then privately via Airbnb, everybody is confronted by the same problem: how do I ensure my guests can get the key?

Naturally, you can give them the key in person but this is time consuming and if the house is located abroad not always feasible. There are also agencies that provide this service but the costs for supplying and picking up the key can quickly reach €80-€90.

Therefore, a key safe provides a simple and pragmatic solution. If you supply the renter a code in advance there is no need for anybody to be physically there to meet them upon arrival. A very customer friendly solution as they will not have to wait for your arrival and economical for the owner who does not have to part with any fee to engage an agency for this task.


And let’s not forget, a safe option too!

There are many unsafe key safes currently on the market. The bestselling variants of Puck can be forced open within seconds by burglars. And this happens about 800 times annually in the Netherlands.

Puck is the only digit code key safe that is SKG** approved. SKG is the Dutch certification for hinges and locks and proof that a product is burglar resistant.

Would you like to use Puck to ensure people can have your key? Then contact us for more information about the possibilities.